My Story

Growing up I always considered myself to be a healthy person. I was an active and fit child who had no problem eating my fruits and vegetables; the problem was that I also had no problem eating everything else as well. Although I was very active I suffered from terrible headaches and migraines throughout my childhood and into my college years. I also suffered from menstrual cramps, constipation, and all the yearly colds and allergies that is now considered “normal” in our society.

My journey to health and a more compassionate way of living started in 2008 when I was enrolled in an environmental course in college. We learned about our carbon footprint and also about animals were treated as they were bred and slaughtered just to satisfy my taste buds for a few minutes. I had always prided myself on being an animal lover, but it had never occurred to me how I was eating the same animals I claimed to love. With no real research, or any idea what I was getting into, I decided to become a vegetarian. While I still ate dairy and egg products, I had unknowingly put my life on an entirely different course.

color run 2013

Me and my husband after the color run in Richmond, Va.

Only a few short weeks after giving up meat a tumor was discovered on the roof of my mouth. I had surgery to have it removed and was in recovery for several months as the hole in my mouth healed. Two years later, in 2010, another tumor was discovered, this time it was in my right ovary. It was about the size of a golf ball and was causing me severe pain. I had surgery once again, the tumor was removed and the biopsy revealed that it was benign.

During those two years of health issues I started doing more research on health and nutrition. I learned more about the vegan diet and raw food and although I knew that it was best to give up eating all animal products I still was having a hard time giving up cheese! I tried and failed many times, and it was four years after I first went vegetarian that I finally gave up all animal products and I haven’t turned back since!

I have found my passion, helping people on their path to a healthier way of life. I no longer suffer from terrible headaches and migraines, my menstrual cramps are almost completely gone, and I am a much happier person in general since I have cut all animal products out of my life. I am happier knowing that I am not contributing to animal suffering which has brought much peace to my life.